Tales From The Inside is a home for artists that want freedom in their musical expression. We always look for unique tracks that have a special something and roughly fit into these genres: ElectronicaIDM and Ambient Music.

Why Tales From The Inside?

  • We publish artist-driven EPs and albums instead of mass compilations.
  • We promote your music on the internet and make video clips for every release.
  • We are true partners who like to communicate.
  • We are accurate and work with attention to detail.
  • We offer fair business deals.
  • We’re international. Our artists come from around the globe.

Please do

  • send us electronic music that is disturbing, relaxing, melancholic, edgy or simply beautiful. We are open minded about style if your music touches us emotionally.
  • send us tracks that are unique in style and well produced.
  • send us instrumentals, vocal driven tracks or material that includes acoustic instruments.
  • send at least 2 tracks but not more than 6.
  • include your artist biography and some background information about your music and fomer releases.

Please do not

  • send music that has already been around on the internet before.
  • send music that has already been signed by another label or publisher.
  • send music that is House, Techno or other derivates of dance music. There are other labels for this.

How to send a demo

  • via a file sharing service (such as WeTransfer) ideally in the form of 320kbps MP3 files.
  • via a Soundcloud link if it’s set to private.

We recommend that you listen to our releases before you consider sending us your tracks. Due to the amount of music that we receive every day please be patient – we promise to back to you although it might take some time for us to reply. Please use our contact form for all other kinds of requests or if you need further information.