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Corrado Saija is a composer, musician and sound artist from Italy. He started learning the piano, percussion and computer music by himself, followed by a professional musical education at conservatory of music in Milan where he graduated in „Music with New Technologies“.

Since 1999 he is a poly-instrumentalist working in the fields of electronic music composition as well as sound design. His musical home lies between experimental music, free jazz and electro-acoustic improvisations.

Corrado composes music for multimedia installations in contemporary theater, for historic black and white movies, art performances and other audiovisual work like documentary films.

He was selected as a semi-finalist at the „Italian National Prize of Arts 2010“ in the category „Electronic Music“.


  • Settembre EP, Lemongrass music, digital distribution/ Germany 2013
  • High Times EP, Lemongrass music, digital distribution/ Germany 2013
  • Bougainville EP, Lemongrass music, digital distribution/ Germany 2014
  • Vortice scapes EP, Ancient language records, digital distribution/ Romany 2013
  • Noise studies EP, Lemongrass music, digital distribution/ Germany  2014
  • Un doux sommeil EP, Lemongrass music, digital distribution/ Germany  2016

Live Performances / Installations

  • Rossini theater, Bari/Italy  2014
  • Nichelino theater, Torino/Italy
  • Cavallerizza Reale theater, Torino/Italy
  • Stalker kunsthouse, Biella/Italy
  • Ken Damy Art&photo museum, Brescia/Italy
  • A+B art gallery, Brescia/Italy
  • Distanze festival Catania’s University, Catania/Italy
  • Stromboli’s museum of Cinema, Eolian Islands/Italy
  • Paolo Grassi theater academy, Milano/Italy
  • Cattolica university, Brescia/Italy
  • AAB gallery, Brescia/Italy
  • Dars studio, Milano/Italy
  • Conservatory “Nicola Sala”, Benevento/Italy
  • Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi”, Milano/italy
  • “Centro stabile di cultura” associations for culture & arts, Vicenza/Italy
  • Leonesia Foundation for Arts, Garda Lake/Italy
  • S-blu gallery, Milano/Italy
  • San Fedele theater, Milano/Italy
  • Open lab gallery, Genova/Italy
  • “Studio voce” theater, Lugano/Swiss
  • “Piccolo Cinema Paradiso” cultural association, Brecia/Italy
  • “Centro Lucia” theater, Brescia/Italy
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