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Michael Knead


Release 2013 Genre Electronica

Track list

Michael Knead’s music could be described best as organic electronic. It has often a character of pop songs with a lot of reminiscences. However at its heart it is always electronic. After his EP Nova Michael Knead is now enriching the Tales From T with another two-piece story:

Goldstaub (gold dust) is dominated by a synthesizer riff which is constantly transformed. The track starts with a dreaming sound texture, overlaid by echoed vocals. These, however, are strongly alienated so they transport more of a feeling than actual meaning. The piece is arranged in a progressive way and lives on its high contrast and an unusual arc of suspense. The main theme is constantly modulated in its timbre so it forms a gold-sparkling waterfall of sound. Goldstaub is a free floating piece of music, always in the flow and with a very unique structure.

Dort und Später (there and later) is the name of the EP’s second track. Originally it had been created as a remix for the spiritual Nu-Jazz piece Hier und Jetzt (German for “Here and now”) by singer-songwriter Marcella Li Garattoni. However it became an autonomous track very soon. Vocals and text – the main theme in the original piece – are now echoed and fragmented. The track’s content is still articulated but in a disturbing context. A bassline is dominating and a hard, broken rhythm is carrying the music along. Two sung verses have been reduced to a whisper track that has been layered over electronic textures. Das Leben zieht vorbei (Life is passing by).

Publisher for Electronica, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, Lounge Music

Tales From The Inside is a record label based in Stuttgart, Germany that specialises on quality Electronica music. We release artist-driven EPs and albums by musicians from around the globe. We focus on carefully crafted musical concepts and a virtuos performance.

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