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Knead & Sting


Release 2013 Genre Electronica

Knead And Sting is the name of the duo Michael Knead and Alexander Sting. Both artists have become known with releases in the field of Techno and Progressive House. However, the Knead And Sting project does not stand for dancefloor orientated music. Instead it’s a collaboration of two musical free thinkers beyond all genre limitations that like to express themselves with live played electronic instruments. Their single Shattered is the second release for the Tales From The Inside label and could be played as a soundtrack or on a lounge party.

The mysterious piece Shattered lives from fragments and a dramatic tension that is never dissolved. It feels like a single moment until the last second. The rhythm appears stumbling, tonal aspects are pieces of a distorted puzzle which might not be accessible for the listener at once. Shattered describes a way which appeared once clear but has now been “shattered”. Even the sing-along melody is only an indication and the main musical theme ends with open questions. Not every expected note is played.

The Ambient Mix is a self-contained interpretation of the Shattered concept. It completes the single as it focusses on the tonal aspects. As the rhythm is ommitted, the listeners attention is directed towards the carefully interwoven harmonic fragments.

Publisher for Electronica, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, Lounge Music

Tales From The Inside is a record label based in Stuttgart, Germany that specialises on quality Electronica music. We release artist-driven EPs and albums by musicians from around the globe. We focus on carefully crafted musical concepts and a virtuos performance.

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