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Release 2013 Genre Electronica / Nu-Jazz

Track list

Stefan Oberthaler, aka the Keyminator is a Vienna based pianist, arranger, sound designer and producer who follows his very own musical vision. In this jazz music professional‘s compositions everything is about atmosphere. He would improvise around minimalistic soundscapes and electronic rhythm fragments to create a very unique style between Nu Jazz, Jazz House and Lounge. The EP Re_generate is his first release on Tales From The Inside.

The title piece is a liberating voyage into the inside which is carried by a smooth melody. Movement is generated through a remarkably expressive bassline which serves as the foundation of an ever changing sound structure. The track invites the listener to breathe and relax. As a regeneration in a musical sense.

The second track Back_wards is an almost contradictory statement: echoed, rhythmical sound fragments flutter over a modal chord structure. A dark vibe, relentlessly driven forward by an excursive rhythm section and backed up by a wobbling sub bass.

Publisher for Electronica, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, Lounge Music

Tales From The Inside is a record label based in Stuttgart, Germany that specialises on quality Electronica music. We release artist-driven EPs and albums by musicians from around the globe. We focus on carefully crafted musical concepts and a virtuos performance.

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